The World's First USB based DAQ for Linux

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The USB DUX is the perfect data acquisition unit for real-time monitoring and control. The board takes advantage of the real time speed and power of the USB port and is designed to work perfectly under Linux. This means that it is easy to program and works well on embedded systems or desk top computers. The driver is part of the COMEDI framework and can be programmed in C/C++ and Python. The board is plug and play with most distributions such as UBUNTU.

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Having trouble with data acquisition under Windows? Use USBDUX and our Ubuntu memory stick to collect your data with the speed and reliability of Linux and then return to Windows to use your favourite analysis packages - all on your existing PC. You can even save data directly to the memory stick!


24 bit resolution over 16 channels. 24 bits digital I/O. 4 D/A outputs. Electrical isolation of all analogue channels.

Break out board for USBDux-Sigma

16 BNC connectors for easy connection to sensors. Plugs directly into the USBDux Sigma.

Only 50


Up to 3MHz continous sampling rate. 16 Channels single ended. Single D-Type connector.


Up to 8kHz continous sampling rate. 8 input channels single ended, 4 output channels and 8 digital I/O channels with 2 up/down counters and PWM. Single D-Type connector.

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