8 Channel Biosignal amplifier for the USBDUX-sigma

This is a compact PCB design which contains an 8 channel bio-amplifier and 8 inverting op-amp channels which can be used to record signals from resistive sensors, such as foot pressure. The amplifier plugs directly into the USB-DUX sigma so that we have one compact unit.

This amplifier is being used in walking studies where it is directly worn with the USB-DUX sigma in a waist bag so that the only cable to the computer is the USB cable. This results in clean recordings by keeping the signal cables as short as possible.

The 8 bio-amplifiers operate at a gain of G=500 and are two stage amplifiers.

The zip file bio_sigma-1.2.zip contains the EAGLE design files and the BOM. The PCB can be ordered from Beta Layout by sending them the .brd file. They can also fit the components. All components can be ordered from Farnell: simply copy and paste the first two columns of the BOM into their "quick paste" order form.

Contact us for a quote for the complete kit or the assembled board.

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