COMEDI 2 Python

Realtime data plotting and processing with python for your USB-DUX device.

The USB-DUXsigma showing off its 24 bits resolution.


What is it?

comedi2py feeds data at a specified sampling rate from your USB-DUX board into python by using call-back functions. The goal was to make this as easy as possible -- hiding all the complexity of COMEDI's asynchronous acquisition in comedi2py and providing the Python program simply with an array of the sampled data at the given sampling rate.

Python module

You need to write three python functions for your module:


Sample python scripts

The tar ball above contains two demo scripts:

The debian/UBUNTU packages store these files under /usr/share/doc/comedi2py. Copy these files into your home directory and start/modify them there.


Bernd Porr